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I am an active lay member of the Episcopal Church. I will discuss the history of our church, what we believe, how we worship, and issues of practical faith. Any serious question will receive a serious reply.

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I an a volunteer expert in the category "Anglican". The Episcopal Church in the USA is a member of the Anglican Communion.

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Recent Answers from John L. White

2014-03-15 Bible:

I went online and asked the question, and got several links that say reverent burial or burning are the two options if the Bible absolutely can't be repaired or given away for use somewhere else.  I was

2013-03-14 divorce & confession:

A second marriage in the Episcopal Church is allowed.  It is a pastoral decision of the priest or rector in consultation with the bishop.  About confession to a priest, it is often said that "all can,

2012-12-02 religious statues.:

Those Episcopal parishes that identify themselves as "Anglo Catholic" often have statues of the Virgin Mary and the saints.  As this indicates, there is a part of the Episcopal Church that feels close

2012-09-11 Godparents? How many?:

The Service of Baptism refers to those presenting the candidates as Sponsors.  Sponsors can be any workable number, of either gender.  Godparents are often sponsors at Baptism, being close friends of the

2012-05-31 Conversion - Calling on the Name of the Lord:

In my experience, and in talking with other members of my faith community, for most believers conversion is an ongoing process of conviction and repentance.  Without such a journey, my own faith and that


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