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I hope to answer questions on the theology, history, and constitution (there isn`t one!) of the Church of England (but not necessarily on the wider Anglican Communion)

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A priest in the Church of England for over 30 years, with some specialist knowledge of the 19th century
I hold a Master's degree in Applied Theology
Church Times; Church of England Newspaper; Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible


Church Times; Church of England Newspaper; Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible

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Recent Answers from Rev Steve Parish

2016-07-01 breath of life within us:

As everything originates from God, I'm not sure that a literal understanding of Gen. 2:7 helps. Given the linguistic parallels of spirit/breath (ruach in Hebrew, pneuma in Greek) the link between God's

2014-03-15 unusable bible:

There's always a reluctance about disposing of holy books, even in tatters. The Church of England has no official guidance. I'd think to dispose with it as is best for the environment - e.g. in the UK

2013-08-07 forgiveness:

I'll confine myself to a simple answer. (Or rather two simple answers.)    Hebrews 9:22 may be about God's capacity to forgive sins. Even here, it raises the question that if God is omnipotent, then surely

2012-09-16 Suffragen Bishops:

They are simply assistant bishops in a diocese (technically there is a suffragan see of Stafford). They existed before the Reformation but were regulated by the Suffragan Bishops Act of 1534 (still in

2012-01-16 Baptism:

I'm not a Catholic but in these ecumenical days I think I would struggle to find any of my Catholic colleagues who would say he couldn't attend. If he had asked for permission I suppose it's possible that


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