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Explanation based on Vedanta Ramayana / Mahabharata / Gita / Purana which will answer any questions on life leading to Joyful Living

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25 years of spiritual studies and written following text books for Joyful Living ( Path to Joyful Living - Path of Living




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2016-05-09 Name of Hindhu religion:

Dear Santosh,    Our religion is Sanatan.    God Bless  Acharya V Shastri    (M) +91-9013165252 & +91-9013165454  For More Details log on to  http://www.AvShastri

2016-03-28 Women and vedanta:

Dear Vandana,    Mail me your query on my mail id    God Bless  Acharya V Shastri    (M) +91-9013165252 & +91-9013165454  For More Details log on to  http://AcharyaVShastri.blogspot

2016-03-01 NAME MEAN'S:

Dear Vineet,    Vineet as a first name gives you a very independent nature, yet you are friendly, approachable, and generous. You can be a spontaneous, expressive, and talkative person. Generally you are

2015-08-18 Characters of Mahabharath:

Dear Harish,    Its pre decided by lord Krishna. Have u read in Bhagwad Geeta. If not you have to read it first.    God Bless  Acharya V Shastri    (M) +91-9013165252 & +91-9013165454  For More Details

2015-03-13 marriage:

Dear Layanya,    Marriage and love they both are separate things. B-coz blessing in marriage depends upon individual Current birth karma as well as love is depend upon past birth karma. If Anyone cheated


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