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Swapan Garain

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returns 12/31/2017

All aspects and its relevance to modern life styles.

Experience in the area

Take keen interest in visiting and interacting with Monks and Swamijis.



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2016-03-01 the Caste System and Social Activism:

Dear Meredith    If you could also share the reason for asking the said question, it would have helped me to see it in a context.    Anyway. caste system does not have any impact on the daily life of Hindus

2016-02-26 Interview Questions:

Dear Marilyn    Here are my views:      1) What kind of personal and societal values does this religion encourage?    Being Ethical, God fearing, Honest, practical, relationship oriented, being humane

2015-10-31 Ramnavami and Gokulashtami Celebrations.:

Dear Prashant,    Many places in North India host fairs in connection with the festival, culminating in spectacular fireworks on Rama Navami.    Gokulashtami is also celebrated with fireworks, among mother

2015-10-20 Hinduism:

Dear Katherine    Hinduism has not changed at all. the core values, teachings, scripts and practices remained the same. It is a very futuristic and accommodative religion unlike other conservative ones

2015-08-28 relationship:

Dear Kunal    You have pained her, played with her emotion.  She simply loved you.  Its your life and you need to take charge and decide what you want to do with it.  You mother will not be with you for


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