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Explanation based on Vedanta / Gita which will answer any questions on life leading to Joyful Living

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25 years of spiritual studies and written following text books. Gita for Joyful Living ( Path to Joyful Living - I based on Jeeva Yatra ( ) Path to Joyful Living - II based on Sadhana Panchakam( ) Joyful Living based on Panchadashi ( ) Parama Ragasiyam (Tamil) based on Brahma Sutra (



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vivek12/13/16101010Sir, thanks for a very nice, short .....
T R Vasudevan10/15/16101010Respected Sir, Thanks for your awakening clarification .....
Varun08/17/16101010Thanks for this helpful information..

Recent Answers from Raja Subramaniyan

2017-03-22 Advaita Vedanta and Lokas:

Nik,    Thanks for posting this interesting question. Vedas are very clear on what happens on the death of the body. Depending on the fructifying results of the accumulated Karma, one takes birth in one

2016-12-25 What is Dharma?:

Hi,    Dharma is doing all the tasks that you have taken up on yourself to the best of your ability. In addition you should help all living beings to the extent possible and try to avoid hurting anyone

2016-12-12 lesson from eklavya:

Dear Vivek,    It is a very good attitude to ask this question in this tone. Mostly people ask this question "Is it right for Droacharya to ask for the thumb of Eklavya as gurudhakshina?', "Is it right

2016-10-14 Who am I?:

Dear TRV,    I can not answer your question. You need to realize the truth. That's why we have the name for the process of enlightenment as 'Self-Realization'.    But I can guide you in the process. You

2016-09-28 Atman Vs Body:

Dear Vineet,    Atman and body are not two different things. Atman appears as a body.    Gold has bangle or Bangle has gold? Bangle and Gold are not two different things. Gold appears as bangle.    Bangle


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