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By the Grace of Almighty Allah,being the only person in the world who is qualified Moulvi(Passed the Alim Examination Conducted By Madrasa Education Board) with Degrees in Science and Law I am,MASHALLAH,able to answer any question on Islamic Religion.That apart,I was in charge of Legal,Calcutta Office of Custodian of Enemy,Govt of India and Export Inspection Agency,Calcuuta, Ministry of Commerce,Govt of India from where I have retired on 31.3.2010,It is also therefore possible for me to answer questions on Indian Civil Law and Service Matters. Md.Zia-ul-Haque,B.Sc,LLB,Alim(Cal) Alim & Advocate Md,Zia-ul-Haque,B.Sc, LLB,Alim(Cal) Alim & Advocate

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1. Quran-o-Hadis-er Aloke Pita-o-Matar Martoba (Bengali) 2. Milad Sharif (Transliterated to Bengali) 3. Shaheed-e-Karbala(Bengali) 4. Hazarat Maula Ali Muishkil Kusha -o- Papi Mabiya -o- Duschoroitro Taslima Nasrin(Bengali) 5. Ahl-e-Bayt Pak (AS) -o- Jahannami Mua'wiyah-o-Yazid (Bengali)


B.Sc, LLB, Alim(Cal)

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Recent Answers from Mufti Md.Zia-ul-Haque,Alim & Advocate

2017-02-23 Query re Islam and Dune:

I appreciate your quest/thirst for knowledge. No doubt there are 72 sects in Islam but all these had taken place and came in to existence gradually after the clinical death of Prophet Muhammed (S.W.A)

2017-02-22 Query re Islam and Dune:

Please let me know which religion do you follow/practice   Thanks,  Md.Zia-ul-Haque

2017-02-09 Nikah Al Mutaa:

My dear sister,  Assalam-O-Alaikum,  Hope you have not taken it otherwise for being addressed you as sister.   People have created Sunni Sect and Shia Sect. During the life time Holy Prophet Muhammed(S

2017-02-09 Nikah Al Mutaa:

Assalam-O-Alaikum,  There can not be such type of any precondition in the matter of  marriage as sexual intercourse is one of the vital parts of marriage.If the husband is suffering from sexual disability

2017-02-08 Nikah Al Mutaa:

Assalam-O-Alaikum,    Who has imposed the condition? The Sunni female or the Shia male?  Based on your reply I will send you the Answer.  Thank you,   Md.Zia-ul-Haque


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