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Being an Educator of Islamic Studies and Interfaith discussions for the past 25 years and having authored seventeen books and numerous articles on Islam - I think I can answer questions on Islam and other religions and issues of the Hanafi jurisprudence as well as general questions on Quran and Sharia. Love, sex and marital problems are some such topics! This is an independent volunteering service and not under any organizational banner that I may be affiliated with. My book- Intimacy and the Sacred talks about Sex and Muslims.

Experience in the area

I have helped thousands of people who are troubled both in life experiences and lack of proper Islamic knowledge.


Latest book Five White Roses and A Red a book of Poetry dedicated to my mother.



Past/Present Clients

Muslims and Non Muslims. I love Interfaith activities.
Youths and issues of generational gap are my areas too. Families under stress.

What do you like about this subject?

Volunteering to make peoples' life better and my knowledge grow.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?


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Recent Answers from Imam Habeeb

2017-03-21 Dilemma:

Of course you are remorseful for what you have done as this is a serious offense and your Iman doesn't allow you to live guilt free.   However your remorse is considered repentance and you have to forgive

2016-10-09 Sex:

You have every right to this.  A man who doesn't  fulfill his wife  needs in 3 months has actually  divorced  her in the eyes of God.  So you  could  technically be with this man under  the rule  of  God

2016-08-28 ruling on livelihood:

A Muslim  is prosperous  by nature and should  know wealth  is a blessing  and not a curse.  Acquire  marriage  and wealth  will come.    Known things like wine etc are haram.    Otherwise  playing  investments

2016-06-21 Fasakh (annulment):

Its better to have a Jamat of Ulama perform  the fasakh after hearing  both parties.  In this case the witnesses  acted  as  members of the Jamat and therefore  its valid. The knowledge  of  Islam  is

2016-02-26 Curious:

Compassion  for humanity through third pillar of zakat  and fasting in Ramadan.   Follow the law of the land and be patriotic  to ones homeland  and be a constructive citizen.  Praying  and observing hajj


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