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Anandapanyo Bhikkhu

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I can answer questions about Buddhist practice, Buddhist understanding and how to apply Buddhism to daily life. I can help analyze Buddhist sayings and teachings. In addition, I can help with questions Buddhism stories, fables and Vinaya(rules). I have meditated for over 10 years and can help you start with meditation. In addition, I can help provide insight into what to do when you feel that you have hit a wall with your meditation. My main area of expertise is how to think in accordance with Sammaditthi (the right view - and number 1 in the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path. If I cannot answer your question, I have many able teachers with over 20 years experience to help me, so chances are I will be able to find an answer for you.

Experience in the area

I have been practicing Buddhism since I was born, but as a serious practice since 2003. I started studying under various famous Thai Theravada masters. Finally, I met and studied under Phra Acariya Thoon Khippapanyo who has recently passed away on Nov 11, 2008 and is widely accepted as a great Arahant (fully enlightened) teacher of our time. In addition, I have personally read and studied much of the Buddhist scriptures and popular literature available. I have recently undertaken the ordination vows and have become a Buddhist monk in the theravada forest monk tradition. I reside at a temple with many dedicated practitioners and great teachers. I have been practicing training my mind to be aligned with right view (sammaditthi) for over 10 years. I have also been meditating for over 10 years. In my time spent with Acariya Thoon, I learned many things and was able to incorporate them into my life. In addition to practicing Buddhism within temples and my home, I used to own two restaurants and managed commercial real estate. I had to deal with many different and problems. I learned how to use Buddhism to fix my problems, both externally (my environment) and internally (within me).


San Fran Dhammaram Temple KPYUSA - a non-profit religious organization




Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of California Santa Barbara MBA from San Francisco State

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What do you like about this subject?

I find that Buddhism is a religion/philosophy/way of life that can be for everyone. The Buddha's teachings are simple enough that anybody can grasp and they can help your life immediately. However, the Buddha's teachings are complex enough that anyone striving for full understanding will meet with challenges.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

One can strive for many things in Buddhism. As for me, I will strive for the ultimate goal (nirvana) with every breath I take.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Buddhism does not mean meditation. Many Buddhist groups focus on meditation, however, there is much much more to the Buddha's teachings. The Buddha actually emphasized and taught panna, which is contemplative analysis or wisdom. Many Buddhist might not know this and focus mainly on meditation. Panna alone can bring you to enlightenment, however, meditation alone cannot.

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