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I can answer questions dealing with Taoist philosophy and Zen and not the historicity and religion of Buddhism and its different schools. I studied under Dr. Richard DeMartino and Masao Abe of the Kyoto School of Zen.

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There is a Buddhist story of a man getting hit with a poison arrow. One type wants to know everything about the poison, the arrow and who shot it, while the other just wants to get it out. The latter way is what is appealing to me and not the teaching of Zen as a system or tradition. My focus in Taoism is on the original teachings and not the alchemical and chi building aspects.

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2015-09-27 6 realms of existence and Taoist immortality:

Hi Nikola,    Thanks for your question.  Since Zen is that which, ‘ does not rely on words or letters, dogma, ritual or tradition seeking direct insight into our true nature’ you would assume that it does

2013-11-21 Buddhist in a past life?:

Hello Charles,    Thank you for your question.  There is no way to determine an accurate answer to whether or not this is real.  I know there are many in the Buddhist community who could give you a long

2013-11-01 The Self:

Hello Jane,    Here goes. Once again I included your question before my response.    ++++++++++++++++++  So if the ego or self is the act of separating, there can be no ‘who’ separating from ‘what’ because

2013-10-30 Wanting:

Hello Jane,    Well, you’ve caught me on a rainy day in Philadelphia when I had planned to split logs but due to the rain I will not.  It gives me the perfect opportunity to respond in a timely manner

2013-10-07 Wanting:

Hello Jane,     Yes, we can only know by contradistinction, also called differentiated thinking and dualistic thought. Dualistic is one opposes the other; e.g.- we know light as opposed to darkness, heavy


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