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John Willemsens aka Advayavadananda


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I can answer all questions about Advayavada Buddhism, in English, Spanish and Dutch.

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I am the chairman of the Advayavada Foundation and director of its mouthpiece, the Advayavada Buddhism Information Center - Amsterdam.

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rose-marie06/14/13101010Thank you kindly for your professional opinion .....
Kisha05/05/13101010thank you so much this really helped .....
Josh10/04/1210Thank you for the help it really .....

Recent Answers from John Willemsens aka Advayavadananda

2016-05-11 self immolation:

Hello Santhoshreddy,  The general information you request about Buddhism is profusely available on the internet. As for the horrible fact of self immolation by Buddhist monks, please know that I am, as

2013-07-20 concentration:

Hello Luke,  I do not think that you should concentrate at all on the length of time of your meditation. Just sit comfortably on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor, half close your eyes

2013-06-21 morality:

Hello Anders,  Buddhism teaches the nature of (existential) suffering and how to overcome it - the teaching is contained in the four noble truths of Buddhism (please Google) - and to be able to follow

2013-06-13 Statue:

Hello Rose-Marie,  As far as I can see, it is an androgynous figurine, probably made in Thailand, meant for decoration and inspiration. Bear in mind, however, that things don't do anything, never have

2013-05-02 Interview questions:

Hello again Kisha,  1) See and /sitemap.htm  2) Implicitly supportive.  3) It is secular because it does away with unscientific beliefs and superstitions.  4) Because


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