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1) Thai buddhism 2) Thai amulets from Lord buddha, his Thai monks, Jatukam, or other gods 3) Thai occult belief 4) Thai sacred charm items 5) Meaning of Thai tattoo, yantra, mantra, etc.

Experience in the area

Twenty years as a learner in Buddhism and collectors of Thai amulets of all inds


Ph.D. from UWM
Also a serious practitioner of Theravada Buddhism with focusing on meditation. I am still learning even now.

What do you like about this subject?

Buddha points the way out of suffering for the world.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Forever happiness

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Buddha Teaching is so deep and sometimes very hard to understand in normal people context. However, there are so many teaching of Lord Buddha for different classes of people.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Magical power from meditation or amulets or charms are real if they are created in a correct way. People should use the power to do the right things for the world and for other people. Do not just stick to only the power. Magical power is just one step in the learning process to Nirvana.

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Recent Answers from Fahfuen2007

2011-03-23 emotional control:

Hi,    I found this a difficult one to answer in short since it takes years to practice.  I will try to make it short as much as I can.  In fact, to find the root cause is to find yourself.  To find yourself

2010-05-03 Thai Buddhism:

Wat Borworn's monk is pretty good with respect to English command and knowledge both theory and practice.  But if you can go to Suan Mok, please go there.  I think it is a better place for new practitioners

2010-04-24 Thai Buddhism:

About, going to be a monk, please go to Wat Boworn near Khaosarn Road. About Lersi, Jatukam, there is no formal teaching places.  

2009-08-20 patient endurance:

Sorry, I do not know the meaning of patient endurance. But i may have a solution to your pain. Try to meditate and focus your mind on the pain. Try to notice any relax feeling on the pain area. and then

2009-07-06 buddha hands:

It is a rice bowl that all monks use in the morning for food requesting.  Buddhists believe that giving food to rice bowl of monks would bring good karma.  Since monks do not need anything else but food


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