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questions regarding the problems sikh youth may be having with their understanding of the religion or application of religion in day to day life.

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worked with khalsaecofriendly.com in the same area and i am a member of akhand kirtani jatha


akhand kirtani jatha(akji.org)


doing bachelor of information techonology.

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awarded by the delhi sikh gurudwara management comittee for path recitation and by akhand kirtani jatha for the same

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Jessica Wallbridge07/04/06101010Thank you very much and yes that .....
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Recent Answers from Gagan Mohan Singh

2009-09-08 sikhism:

Hi David,    Would like to bring out a few points to tell you the spiritual values and how it is relevant to todays modern world.    1. God is omnipresent in all creation and visible everywhere to the

2006-06-28 Sikhs naming ceremonies:

Hello Jessica,    Well talking about the sikhs. We have a naming ceremony in which we read out a hymn from the guru granth sahib which is also our guru( teacher) and which is also our holy book.  The first

2006-05-30 Vanishing religion:

Veer Ji,  Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa  Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh    First of all thank you for elaborating. Do not mind what i said because i wanted to know your feelings.     As far as i am concerned i surely do

2005-11-20 sikh naming ceremony:

Hello,  To answer your quetion i will only say that the Sikh naming ceremony affects only the life of the person who is being named and the people who are going to call him by that name. Otherwise it does

2005-10-15 Sikh Religous Celebration:

Hello,  Well it depends on the way you look at it.  If you want to say they are similar then you have examples of hindus and sikhs burning the dead bodies.  believing in rebirth and another life after


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