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Religious Science is a philosophy, a religion, and most importantly, a way of life. It is the study and practical application of Universal Spiritual Principles that are common among most wisdom traditions. An example of this is the Law of Cause and Effect, a timeless truth that is taught in most religious practices. I am a minister in the United Church of Religious Science. I am happy to answer questions you may have regarding most aspects of Religious Science.

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I am a Spiritual Counselor and Creative Mentor. My ministry combines creative self-expression with Spiritual connection. I have been an artist for the past 30 years and a counselor for the past 15 years.I do in person as well as phone spiritual counseling sessions, workshops, classes, and playshops for Spiritual Conventions.I have written and teach an eight week class called "Are We There Yet? Using Universal Principles on the Road Trip of Life." I have published two books on creative self-expression. One of the books, "Spiritual doodles & Mental Leapfrogs: A Playbook for Unleashing Your Spiritual Expression" (Red Wheel/Weiser) is the textbook for my class.The other book is titled "Create! A Journal and Sketchbook," and is published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco.

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The two main differences between Religious Science and Christianity are 1) In Religious science the belief is that God is Within 2) Our thought creates our reality. Everything that happens to us is based in some way on our conscious or unconscious beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts.

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In Religious Science there is nothing controversial. You don't have to chant anything, or do anything, or wear anything special, or eat anything special, or act in any particular way. If your life is working and you are experiencing connection with your Source, it's working!

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Stella02/04/09101010Very honest answer. Thank you.
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Kelly05/02/06101010Great advice! Thank you very much!

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Dear James,  There's a difference between being "religious" and feeling a spiritual connection. A religion is a specific group that has specific beliefs about God and how to have a relationship with God

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