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I can answer questions about African American Spiritualism Vodou, Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork, Orisha, and Ifa.

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I am a Christian Spiritualist and a former practicing Iyalawo,Conjurewoman,Voodooist,and Orisha Priestess in the Ifa Tradition


Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degree

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Recent Answers from RootWomin

2013-05-21 love spell:

greetings kiki,  thank you for writing.  yes, i do know of ways to do spiritual work to keep a lover faithful.  if you would like to know of more of this type of work, write me at rootwomin@gmail.com

2013-03-19 conjure pots.:

greetings,  thanks for writing.    the instructions for how to make pots of any sort is not appropriate for this forum.    for me to tell you how to build anything, we would need to build a relationship

2013-02-13 Divination:

greetings brian,  thank you for writing.    yes, prayers are needed both to open and close.    the person who 'gives' you obi ( there is a ceremony) is the one who traditionally shows the methods of divination

2012-10-15 Job:

greetings,    thank you for writing.    i have soaps available for both of those needs.    visit my etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/rootwomin    if the soap you would like is not listed, send me

2012-09-17 Hoodoo for luck:

greetings,  thanks for writing.    you can write your desire for a job on dried bayleaf and burn it like incense on charcoal.  you can make a mojo with gravel root and five finger grass in a white flannel


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