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Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger

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returns 03/14/2017

I can answer questions about the Bible and the practical application of Scriptural precepts for humanity. I cannot answer all specific questions that relate to dogma and tradition. I can share information that is not generally expounded upon in most religious circles.

Experience in the area

I am a Messianic minister/missionary. My husband and I serve on the Board of an inner city outreach ministry and facilitate a learning center.


I have served as Police Chaplain, Fire Chaplain, and to facilitate Bible studies in state facilities


Covenant Chronicle, Abba Elohim, Survival Handbook for the Last Days, The New Testament/Illustrated Torah.

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Marla11/07/11101010Thank you for the helpful reply. Interesting .....
Fabio Gomez02/21/06101010Crystal clear. Thanks.
Mike Eidson, LAc.11/02/05101010Thank you Kindred, for your answer on .....

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2006-09-11 original motif and application:

Dear Elsie,  Actually in the first Century AD, even believers in Messiah were still considered Jews and the Gentiles that became believers were called proselytes.  The first Century Christianity was quite

2006-09-10 original motif and application:

Dear Elsiebill,  Actually it was the Roman Emperor, Constantine; that utilized and declared his version of Christianity to be the "national" religion of the Roman Empire.  There was much compromise and

2006-04-05 I did check it out:

Hello again Daniel,  Actually there are no vowels in Hebrew.  But it is also a tradition of respect for a written reference to our Creator, that His Name not be discarded or deleted.  It clearly sets the

2006-04-05 I have a web site:

Daniel,  How do you combine the darkness and anger with Christianity?  I realize the "religious right" manages, but I am curious, as your website states you believe Christianity is to be a lifestyle, not

2006-03-29 I have a web site:

Dear Daniel,  I went to your site and read page 7, navigated to luminocturn, and our thoughts.  And I would like to invite you to my website.  After reading, I must be honest, since that


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