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Shlomo Phillips


To varying degrees I have worked and studied with many different groups including:

Jews (my religion), Noahides, Gaudiya Vaisnavism, Swami Muktinanda's Sidha Yoga Foundation, the Yoga Society (of Sri Ramamurti Mishra), Sikhism, various Pagan and neo-Pagan groups, Sunni Islam (Wahabi), Sufism, Taoism, various Buddhist sects (including the Dharmad Hatu of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche), diverse Hindu sects, many Christian denominations and movements, and have been involved with numerous other groups and movements too numerous to mention.

My personal studies have led me to embrace Judaism. In this AllExperts category I can discuss any religion you are interested in.

Experience in the area

40 plus years of seeking God. MA in religious Studies Three Christian ordinations. Author of AllFaith.com and other websites and blogs.


My AllFaith.com: AllFaith.com Beth HaShem: free lessons My Facebook


MA in Religious Studies Interfaith Seminary of Santa Cruz 40 plus years of study and practice

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2016-01-30 secret society:

Hi Steven,  There are many secret societies as well as public ones that hold several of these beliefs.    Many Masons and others believe that HaShem, the God of Torah, is only a a lesser reflection of

2013-09-17 when Jesus rules:

Hi Tony,  Christianity varies considerably on these questions.  Most Christians do not believe there will be a 'heaven on earth'. Most believe Christians will live in Heaven (some believe they will become

2013-08-29 word:

Hi,    There are differing opinions about the language of the New Testament. In my opinion it was written in Hebrew and then translated into Greek and then, from Greek into Aramaic and Latin. The original

2013-08-28 words, metaphors, idioms, hebrew thought:

Shalom,  Yes, according to the New Testament books Y'shua prayed that his followers would be one with HaShem AS he is one with Him. Y'shua was one with Torah (the Word) (John 1:1-), i.e. a Torah observant

2013-08-27 words, metaphors, idioms, hebrew thought:

Hi Skip,    There are many questions/issues raised here. I sort of wish you had been more succinct as it would have allowed me to share more on the specific points you have. Feel free to ask up follow-ups


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