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I have been a Baha`i for over 30 years. This is a legitimate world religion, not a branch or a cult. There is no clergy; but I have served on the local and national administrative bodies and as a public speaker, teacher, international pioneer, delegate to National Conventions, etc. The Faith teaches the Oneness of God, the Oneness of religion and the Oneness of mankind. The independent investigation of truth is fundamental to its teachings. A Baha`i is a follower of Baha`u`llah who revealed over a hundred tablets and claims to be the Promised One of all religions.

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2015-01-28 Persian Faith:

Yes,individuals could celebrate their own cultural holidays in addition to Bahai Holy Days...and cultural music,etc. Could be incorporated into Feast day celebrations which are planned and hosted by local

2015-01-28 Persian Faith:

Hello,        Naw Ruz is not so much borrowed from Persian culture, as it is scientifically logical to have the new year around the Spring equinox. The Baha'i calendar of 19 months, consisting of 19 days

2011-03-05 reference to egyptian religions:

Dear Friend,       From the passage above, we can glean that Adam referred to as the first "man" is symbolic. As you know, Baha'is consider him a Manifestation or Messenger of God. Certainly there were

2011-02-28 reference to egyptian religions:

Yes, you are correct....Adam is representative of the first "Man" predating the Egyptians.                      Adam in Islam represents the first individual (begetter or progenitor of all) created

2011-02-26 reference to egyptian religions:

Hello,       I am sorry for the delay, but I have been ill. Adam is considered the first man, and also the first Manifestation of God and His dispensation would be before the Egyptians.         There is


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