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All questions pertaining to Judaism in general; medical and ethical Halakhah; New Testament theology as it pertains to Judaism. I am committed to both interfaith relations and counter-missionary arguments. Indeed, if one looks closely, there is no contradiction. My right to swing my arms ends where your nose begins. We can discuss without malice and possibly even learn something from one another.

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Havaruah Kol Ami (Conservo-Reconstructionist Minhag)


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jennifer02/03/16101010Thank you very much for your time .....
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Joel 09/14/14101010Excellent and thorough answer. Thank you

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2015-09-15 Appointed Times:

Sorry I didn't get this question. Jews believe that tzedikah done during the days of awe do have particular significance. We try to do more such that we train ourselves to be better throughout the year

2015-09-11 Appointed Times:

Thank you for the kind question, sorry for the delay. That refers to offerings, we do not do these today. One might consider charity instead. Shalom!

2015-05-16 isn't love of neighbor a command?:

Very sorry for the delay! Yes, there most certainly is a commandment to "Love your neighbor as yourself". This commandment encompasses the entire last half of the 10 commandments and is further elucidated

2014-09-14 Jews for j:

Joel,    Thank you for your kind question. First, we must be clear on just what Jews for j is. It is a Christian organization, mostly Baptist, whose sole purpose is to make Christianity more palatable

2014-09-11 Daniel 9:24-27 and Antiochus IV:

Hasim,   Thanks for your question. Simply put, Judaism has never had a Pope and there are varying opinions throughout the ages. Daniel clearly does not refer to Jesus but rather Cyrus. Here's a link you


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