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I can answer any questions about orthodox Judaism, especially the laws that relate to women. No question too big or small, and never be embarrassed to ask - it's the only way you'll find out!

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I am an orthodox Jewish woman, but I have had my questions, and always seek answers, so I have a lot of experience in all areas. If I don't know the answer, I'll ask someone who does.


High school graduate

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Todd10/26/16101010Thank you.
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2016-02-04 Abraham's Purchase of Sarah's Tomb:

Harold,   I'm sorry, this question is a bit outside my expertise but I will give it my best. Torah study is not my strongest point.  I would imagine that Abraham wanted to own the land outright, to prevent

2015-12-15 Significance of the number nine:

Yvette,  The story is about a Jewish man being protected from the Nazis by the author's father.  I've never heard of the explanation that you  mention, about the repetitious nature of the universe and

2015-07-17 About Women And the Mitzvot, Mesorah, and Minhagim:

Dear Nicole,  A woman's role in Judaism simply doesn't include most of these mitzvot. The mitzvot of tzitziyot and kippa are visual reminders for the wearer of Hashem's reign over the world. Many explain

2015-01-15 quick question:

I'm sorry my answer wasn't in full. I do not profess to be an expert on all things, just Judaism, and I thought I did answer your question. I did not realize you wanted support for my answer, but I am

2015-01-14 quick question:

No. We are just different.


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