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As a scholar of Judaic Studies & Ethics for close to 25 years, I am happy to answer any of your questions regarding Jewish Law and its meaning as well as general Jewish philosophy. Thousands of years of Jewish religious scholarship teaches us to always ask questions. From the Talmud to this very day, scholars have been consistently questioning premises and concepts that exist in Jewish thought. Never be afraid to ask! The answer may change your life. I will not answer questions pertaining to Christianity or Jesus.

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I have been a scholar of Jewish Studies & Ethics for close to 25 years and I have been responding to online questions for close to 10 years.


Have been published in numerous (Hebrew) Academic publications.


B.A. in Judaica Studies and Ethics.

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Ana01/24/17101010Many thanks for your shredw analysis and .....
Munigonda01/19/1710Thanks a lot.
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2017-01-16 Marriage:

Hi Munigonda    Thank you for your question.  You are asking a serious question.  Regarding pretending to worship idols, it may depend on how exactly you worship the idol.  If you are just sitting in front

2016-12-10 Death:

Hi Elena,    After a person dies, according to Jewish tradition, his soul passes over into a spiritual reality (World of Souls) while his body remains here in the corporeal reality.  Once in the spiritual

2016-09-17 800 servants:

Hi AJ,    There is a Midrash to that effect.  However it is taken entirely out of context.  What the Midrash says is that When Moshiach comes the world will no longer see strife, the evil inclination will

2016-08-18 Old testament canonization:

Hi. The five Books of Moses were canonized immediately upon their reception at Har Sinai. The additional 24 Books of the Prophets were written over a large period of time by the recognized prophets of

2016-03-27 unusual word, ?Yiddish or Hebrew:

Hi Judith    You are probably looking for the word "geniza" or גניזה which means "archive".   These were often found in the attics of synagogues and basically was a "dumping


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