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I am an ex-student of yeshiva and I like to be presented with Torah study problems. If you have studied the Torah and have questions on the subject matter, I want to hear about it. I am not a Rabbi and not qualified to decide halachic issues. I am still interested in halachic questions for which I can sometimes offer general guidelines or present decisions in halachic works such as Mishna Berurah. I welcome questions from non-Jewish people but I cannot respond to religious references that are not part of Judaism. If you are working on a paper or doing research and want general information on a Jewish subject, I may or may not satisfy your need, depending on how comfortable I am with the question. If you have a personal problem, I am not qualified to help you but I will do what I can to offer you some assistance.

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Dan02/01/16101010Thank you very much, that explains it .....
Daniel08/24/15101010Thank you for your time. Very professional .....
elisha shmuel03/01/15 
Ben12/05/14101010Thank you for your insight

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2016-01-30 The Temple:

Hi Dan,    Herod did not build the 3rd Temple, he fixed the 2nd Temple.  In addition, the 1st Temple Solomon built included G-d's Holy Presence which went into exile at the destruction of the 1st Temple

2015-08-24 Relationship:

Hi Daniel,    My hesitation in opening a dialog is only because I feel inadequate dealing with this issue, I would be doing you a disservice.  I signed up to this site solely to analyze specific Torah

2015-08-24 Relationship:

Hi Daniel,    I cannot advise you on this.  I am not a Rabbi nor have I ever dealt with such a situation.  The only comment I can give is what you probably already know, orthodox Jews do not accept people

2015-08-14 homos:

Hi Charles,    I don't turn white men into homos and none of my friends or acquaintances do nor did I ever hear of a Jew doing that.  One of the reasons we Jews have suffered so greatly in our 2000+ years

2015-06-16 Tzitziyot on One's Belt As An Alternative To A Tallit Katan:

Hi Nicole,    Sorry I missed your follow up.    The Talmud was not codified with NEW rules.  The Talmud is a record of rules as they were given to Moses.  Women are explicitly exempt from tzitzis, always


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