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If you are a Jewish person who has been approached by missionaries and who is considering leaving the Jewish faith, please let me know and I will help you see how beautiful and moreover how right the Jewish religion is. Don't leave the truth of your fathers before you resolve the facts for yourself, and I can help you on that journey.

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I have been involved in counter-missionary activity for several years, counseling many Jews who have left or have considered leaving Judaism having been attracted by other religions. I have been able to show the truth to these people through the correct reading of the texts (vs. deliberately wrong translations used by missionaries), through showing how missionaries manipulate the Jewish scriptures to achieve their goals, and through helping you rediscover the beauty and truth of authentic Judaism.


Chabad synagogue in Atlanta


Largely self-taught, I still am and will be learning for a long, long time. I have educated myself through a wealth of resources, including Nachmanides' Disputation, Hyam Maccoby's writings on Christianity and Judaism, as well as such vast resources as Outreach Judaism, Torah Atlanta, and a great number of others.

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2016-11-15 Daniel 12:2:

Hi Jennifer,  The verses 1 and 2 read:  1Now at that time, Michael, the great prince, who stands over the children of your people, will be silent, and it will be a time of distress that never was since

2016-10-29 antichrist:

Hi Jennifer,  You're right, Daniel definitely preceded the Christian concept of antichrist, and there was nothing in his writings to suggest Christ or antichrist.    In chapter 7, Daniel describes his

2016-09-17 Messianic Jews:

AJ,  I understand your reasoning for making your question in the way that you did. Messianic Jews are Christians that preach doctrine foreign to Judaism. There isn't and never will be a concept in Judaism

2015-12-30 Genesis 1:26:

Hi Rich,    thank you for your thoughtful question. As you can tell by the timing, I had to ponder it a bit, and my answer to you is now being composed based on quite a bit of research I've done. There

2015-10-20 sacrifices:

Hi Jennifer,    The sacrifices of animals in the Temple were brought for a number of reasons, among those was the reason of unintentional sin. The Torah spells it out:  If a person sins unintentionally


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