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I am a Baptist minister. My theology is conservative evangelical/charismatic

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Recent Answers from Rev. Stuart Woodward

2016-07-30 Books of the Bible:

Hello Bill,  Thank you for your question. I am sorry for the delay in replying but it has been a busy week end. I am afraid my answer may seem like a cop out but the answer to your question is really quite

2016-06-26 Suicide:

Hello Dylan,  Thank you for your question. Many people, including Christians, have occasional battles with suicidal thoughts. Even though we know that life is God's alone to give and take, sometimes life

2016-04-19 Adam's responsibility for sin:

Hello Ray,  Thank you for your question. The short answer is that the bible does not specify why sin is traced through Adam rather than Eve. However we can speculate in the light of what the bible teaches

2016-02-18 ancient Israel's money:

Hello Ray,  Thank you for your question. It seems that coinage wasn't used in the area of the Middle East until the late 8th century BC and before that, at first, various methods of bartering took place

2015-09-05 Questions on Baptist Doctrine:

Hello Dylan,  Good to hear from you again. The two passages you refer to at face value are in contradiction. In Galatians Paul is fighting off the ideas of the Judaisers who proclaimed that faith in Jesus


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