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I can answer any question concerning the Bible, Christian life, doctrine and church history. I will give counsel concerning social and personal decisions based only on giving Biblical views. I will not attempt an on-going counseling session with someone who is dealing with life issues. I suggest those needing intensive counsel to seek professional Christian counselors or psychologists.

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I have preached the gospel of Christ for 37 years. My wife and I have been married 40 years, raised 3 children and have 6 grandchildren. I have 21 years experience as pastor of local churches in the United States, and have served 14 years as a missionary, begun 12 churches, taught in University of Vilnius, Lithuanian Police College, and have addressed the parliement of Lithuania (1992). I am founder of an international mission board, the founder of the Bless The Children Program sponsorship ministry, and currently serve as director of Christ To The Nations Missions. My area of interest include Missions, Biblical Doctrine, Church history and Biblical counsel. Organizations: Local Baptist Church, CTTN Missions, Tennessee Temple University Alumni Association, Southwide Baptist Fellowship. Publications: Books: ONLY GOD and THE BODY OF CHRIST. Booklets and tracts: THE REAL KING JAMES, THE CHRISTIAN LIFE AND HOW TO LIVE IT, AMERICA, CHRIST OR CRISIS, Several Gospel Tracts and Articles in Christian and Public Newspapers. Education: Tennessee Temple University, Bachelors of Theology, International Baptist Seminary, Masters of Theology and Doctorate of Theology.

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George06/25/15101010Thank you for your reply. I appreciate .....
fred04/23/15101010I thank you for your candid response .....
Rachel02/06/15101010Thankful for the very thorough reply. It .....
Bill01/10/15101010Thank you for your Godly advice. God .....

Recent Answers from David Ralston

2015-06-21 Lord's Supper:

Dear George,  While your question seems simple, its answer is necessarily more complicated.  However, to give my brief and succinct answer: Only the 11 saved apostles took part in the New Covenant Supper

2015-04-22 marriage:

Dear Fred,   You have asked previous questions that had a clear Bible answer.  This question is one that sounds like your congregation has already addressed, but I   I am not sure it has been done in

2015-03-05 question / religion:

Matthew 6:15-This verse found in the Lord's Model prayer is not about salvation, but rather fellowship.  This prayer was given for believers. It is for God's children. It is about salvation of the Lost

2015-02-01 Living Worldly because he can't lose salvation:

Dear Rachel,  Thank you for your question.  I sense you have a genuine concern for your friend.    While the Bible teaches that we are saved by Christ Alone and that His gift of salvation is Eternal Life

2015-01-12 gift of righteousness:

Dear Ray,  Thank you for the question about righteousness.    First of all, the purpose our Lord came to do was to save the lost. That means all of us are included. All have sinned and short of the glory


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