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General Bible. Theology. Authorized (King James) Version Issue. Independent Baptists. Baptist Distinctives. Preaching. Church Planting.

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Pastor, Evangelist, College Administration


BA-Bible, Th.M., Th.D., D.Min.

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Baptists are not Protestants. We didn't leave the Church of Rome because we were never in it.

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Recent Answers from Dr. Billy Kryger

2015-09-11 Questions on Baptist Doctrines:

You are correct that Baptists have that name because of the practice of baptism by immersion. But baptists have been known by other names a well: Montanists, Paulicians, Cathari, Waldenses, Albigenses

2015-09-04 Questions on Baptist Doctrines:

Dylan:    Thank you for your questions--and thank you for your patience.  My previous attempts to answer were not submitted for some reason.  I hope this time goes through.    Salvation--or grace--is a

2015-02-14 Baptists and hell:

It is true that "being a bad person" does not destin a person to hell, just as "being a good  person" does not mean you'll go to heaven.  The truth is that it is faith in the shed blood of The Lord Jesus

2015-01-05 Finding a Church Home:

Where are you located?  Perhaps I can help you in your search.    If you'd like to do your own search, may I suggest these websites:    http://fundamental

2014-12-19 Turning the other cheek:

Ashtyn,  I think the answer lies within the question. If it is in self defense I believe physical force would be justified if necessary.     As to the situation you mentioned, I think you reacted appropriately


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