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Most any question about Catholic teachings, the structure of the Church, issues related to Catholic teachings on sexuality and marriage; I also know a lot about biblical foundations for Catholic teaching, and apologetics. As a scientist and a deacon, I am conversant with the dialogue between science and religion.

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Deacon, 13 years; Religion minor, Catholic University of America. Self study.


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Diaconal Formation, four years (college level courses) Catholic University of America, religion minor, philosophy minor. (AB)

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2016-11-27 litany of saints:

Each organization of bishops (like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) has an office which approves the text that will be printed in missiles and prayer books.  These are the "official" documents for

2016-11-27 litany of saints:

Oddly enough, the litany of saints, like most prayers in Catholic tradition, has no "official" version.  There is a commonly used version which has been set to music and is printed in various publications

2016-10-07 excoumminication:

Excommunication is a penalty for doing something which the Church has decided it can't tolerate among its members.  It is a legal penalty, in which the church says, "as far as we are concerned, you can

2016-10-04 excoumminication:

There are two kinds of excommunication.  Excommunication means that the person involved is excluded from participation in the church, which means they can't receive the sacraments.  The purpose of excommunication

2016-08-16 Catholic Faith:

I think the best story in the New Testament about God's mercy is the story of the Prodigal Son.  The father in the story is meant to represent God, and the son who goes astray is the average sinner.  The


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