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A traditional Catholic priest, who provides forthright answers to questions FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF TRADITIONAL CATHOLICISM (not the New Order) on topics pertaining to TRADITIONAL Roman Catholicism, including theology, the Bible, Church history, the Latin language, liturgy (especially the Traditional Latin Mass), and music (especially Gregorian chant), and current events in the Catholic Church.

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2016-09-02 Angels and Free-will:

Your answer is correct.  The Creator gave both Angels and men free-will to choose good or evil.  If one does not have free-will, he is a slave, and his choices do not merit him anything.  One explanation

2016-08-30 Civil Divorce without Remarriage:

If the circumstances are serious enough to warrant it for the purposes of the civil government, a civil divorce without remarriage does not violate the Biblical prescriptions.  Sometimes a civil divorce

2016-08-27 "Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit":

St. John Chrysostom, the Great Eastern Doctor of the Church, explains this verse as follows in his Fifteenth Sermon:  "What is this poverty of spirit, but humility and contrition?  This virtue of humility

2016-08-21 The Nails of the Crucifixion:

The language of the New Testament is not Aramaic, but Greek.  What language Christ used is a matter of some dispute.  Probably, he used Aramaean, Greek, and Latin on different occasions.    In St. John's

2016-05-16 Secrets of the Jesuits:

I'm not familiar with that particular book, but the Jesuits undeniably have a very troubled history.    The Societas Jesu was suppressed for 41 years (1773-1814) because of its involvement in secular political


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