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Catholic dogma, especially as related to Scripture. I have a doctorate in biblical theology [University of St. Thomas, Rome]. I do not answer questions concerning personal moral situations -- ones dealing with right and wrong [sin].

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I have taught Catholic thought in grade and high schools, and in college and universities.


Catholic Biblical Association


Catholic Biblical Quarterly, The Bible Today.


Graduate degrees in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, in scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas; all in Rome

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2017-02-18 Recognition, Faith and Will:

Cognition comes first through reason. Reflection with faith enables one to recognize that someone/thing is beyond reason and so worthy under the help of God to pursue the ultimate truths of creation.

2017-02-15 John 1:29 Early Christology:

An interesting imaginative speculation.  However, speculation based on general summarized opinions that seek to overthrow concrete evidence does not impress me.  I find that the tried credentials of Christianity

2017-02-13 Questions and Values of religion:

As your comment, Charles, mentions Christians among pagans, That situation/circumstances woul warrant familiarity.  If I were living in rural Norway or Jordan, I would learn something about Lutheranism

2016-09-18 S. Aquinas' scholastic dialectic method of argumentation:

Nice to hear from Brazil. I had a cousin who lived there for several years long ago.  I do not have recent resources on Thomist philosophy.  On the internet, check:

2016-09-14 philosophy:

Before the Incarnation, there may have been "hints" that pointed to a divine Messiah, but nothing that would speak clearly of the Trinity.   The Pharisees condemned Jesus as a blasphemer even when he claimed


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