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I can answer LDS (Mormon) lifestyle-type questions....the little things you're wondering about. Perhaps you've heard that a neighbor, colleague or classmate is Mormon, and are wondering what makes that worth mentioning. How are they different? Am I at risk of offending them because I don't know enough about them?

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I am an adult convert (since 1997) to the LDS church, so I've seen the church from outside and inside, and understand how different it can seem.


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BA Psychology

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Ed08/08/11101010Very thorough and informative, thank you!
Jaycie11/18/08101010I am working on getting the books .....
Jaycie11/17/08101010Thank you again. Things are starting to .....

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2014-01-16 Ex Mormon:

Hi    You put "Ex Mormon" as your Subject, even though you still believe? Are you defining yourself that way?    It's pretty hard for you to deal with this if you feel you cannot attend church and you

2013-07-21 mormon habitation:

Hi    I'm sorry....I know nothing about Mormon dating websites in India.     Have you ever attended the branch in Mumbai?     Maybe ask the missionaries if they know of any other members in your area,

2012-05-26 Law of Chastity:

Hi Dan    Opposite sex roommates are certainly frowned upon; I don't know whether or not that extends to siblings or to cousins. Your Bishop would be the best person to advise you on that.    Remember

2010-09-17 Chastity:

Hi Brad    You probably need a bit more time to get to know the church a little better, and that will help you understand.    You say, "We have been having the elders over..." Is that you and your roommate

2009-11-18 Update:

Hi Beatriz    I am glad you sent me an update, even though it's not really the result you were hoping for.      Well, I can assure you that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons)


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