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For a different viewpoint on Mormonism for your questions, try me. I am a staunch believer in the Book of Mormon and belong to another church (the Church of Christ)that is set up identically to the Biblical church. If there are things about traditional Mormonism that trouble you or you have questions about, just ask and you might find the answers from the Book of Mormon to be quite surprising. I have been studying the scriptures diligently for 16 years under the school of hard knocks... I may not have all of the answers but will sure go find them if I don`t. I`m strongest on Biblical and Book of Mormon doctrines, and am also somewhat familiar with Mormon history and archaeology.

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Almost 30 years experience of online support, discussion groups, moderator etc.


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It is dearest to my heart :^)

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To dispell many myths associated with the Book of Mormon.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are over 100 churches that have found the Book of Mormon to be true and use it as scripture. Many reject the Book of Mormon because they suppose it teaches "another" gospel than the Bible yet closer examination reveals that the two books agree as one and compliment each other in ways that are higher than man could have concieved.

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Many Book of Mormon precepts are strongly against mainstream LDS doctrines and traditions. Most people believe that the Book of Mormon is about the LDS church when in fact it is actually against that particular sect in many ways.

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2014-12-20 Happy Christmas -Mercy-Thanks:

Hi Yusufabdullah,    I will be happy to answer your questions.    Priesthood keys are the authority given by God in the latter day (since the 1820s) to baptize, lay on of hands, to heal, give the gift

2014-11-05 Hell:

Hi Calvin,  I will be happy to answer your question. Please note that I am not LDS Mormon and belong to a different Restoration church that believes in the Bible and BoM (Book of Mormon) only.    Both

2014-04-19 Christian Pastors behaviour:

Hi Mr. U,    The person claiming to be a Christian while hacking other peoples computers cannot possibly be a Christian. Often when I have debated with others online there are some who are not there to

2014-04-12 Urantia>> im decent "hath ki safai" christian:

Hi Uma,    I will be happy to answer your questions. I have never heard of or read the book of Uranta and cannot comment on its validity. However I have read the Book of Mormon completely 4 times and studied

2013-09-20 Blacks Ridiculed again by the Mormon Church:

Hi Lee,    I too share your concerns about these false doctrines. They are not only absent from the Bible but also the Book of Mormon which strongly opposes many LDS doctrines such as polygamy, racism


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