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All but homework questions. I will answer questions about the Early Church of the Restoration, the LDS and RLDS / Community of Christ as well as differences between them.

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Benjamin08/12/07101010Thank you very much!
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Chris Bartlett10/29/04101010Thank you. I am a Restorationist, and .....
natalie06/21/04101010Thanks much. Very helpful. Ed Bliss

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2016-07-19 Sexuality:

Alvin,    We are all sinners but we have a Father in heaven who loves us. Porn, Masturbation and Sex can be sins but the universe is more complex than is reflected by saying that they always are. With

2016-05-13 Afterlife:

The CoC teaches that family, while important,is not the most important relationship. Rather our relationship with God through Christ is most important.As far as family relations in the afterlife are concerned

2008-08-25 God command of killing:

There is an assumption in your question that I want to highlight as I think it will answer the question.    The Assumption is that God commanded Saul to kill the Amalekites. When the God you worship starts

2008-05-13 Trinity:

The Community of Christ does have a Trinitarian belief. From the Community of Christ    God  The one eternal, living God is triune: one God in three persons. The God who meets

2007-10-25 Atonement:

June,    Not at all. The Bible is quite clear that it is for LOVE of humankind that Jesus becomes human, lives with us and dies. It  is not simply that Jesus substitutes for us but that God, having loved


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