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I can answer questions concerning standard doctrines, scriptures, curiousities, Mormon culture and society. I will not respond to debates. I'm sorry, but there are some things that I simply will not answer, not because I don't want to, but there are some things that the LDS people do not discuss casually--it's only talked about within the temple. Though I am a member, I do not believe that anyone could convert anyone to a religion over something as impersonal as the internet. So I won't even try to.

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I was born and raised into an LDS family and baptized at age eight. Though I'm still a young person, I can answer most things about the church. I graduated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Seminary of Religion and Brigham Young University, where all students study Latter-day Saint religion as well as their chosen field.


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Graduate: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Seminary of Religion--100% grade, high honor graduate Graduate: Brigham Young University with completion of religion requirements

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I like the subject, because I truly believe in the religion. It's a wonderful thing to me. But I will not try to convert anyone over the internet.

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Todd02/24/15101010Thank you for the thorough information!
Todd02/24/15101010Thorough advice, thank you.

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They will just talk about our gospel.  However, recently, the Church has abandoned formal "lesson plans" and instead, encourage the missionaries to be in tune with God about what this person especially

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Patterns of heaven basically just refers to the fact that Mormonism believes that everything is done in order.  We don't know who came first, but since God is eternal, my impulse would be some Heavenly

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This is a good question, and one to which we do not have an answer.  We know that the first children of God of our world was Adam.  That is definite.  Through the patterns of heaven, it follows that God

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That is a great question.  I think the best places to find those are as follows:     1) If you are a member, talk to your bishop, branch president or stake president and see if there are any from your

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I wish I could give you a straight yes or no.  Unfortunately, I can't because you're missing a fundamental difference between Mormons and mainstream Christians (I find the implication that I'm not a Christian


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