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LDS for over 45 years. Very knowledgable regarding LDS theology and practices, Early Christian history, Biblical inerrancy, etc. active on FAIR private list. BYU and UoU

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John08/26/121010So in reality there is no Biblical .....
sandra12/29/11101010Thank you so much for your quick .....

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2012-09-10 about mormon worst behaviour:

M,  I have more than one question regarding your email. Perhaps if you would be more specific, I might be of some assistance to you.    For example, when you state: "...they spending all the tithing to

2012-08-24 Baptism of the dead:

John, regarding your comment under the rating section, I disagree. There is Biblical evidence for this doctrine. We may disagree based on our personal interpretation, but from a LDS understanding, to which

2012-08-13 book of Mormon:

Fred,    The LDS Church does not have an official answer for this that I am aware of, but it is an interesting point. Certainly the Bible states this as a practice, yet the Book of Mormon people did not

2011-12-27 The Bible:

Sandra,    Thanks for the question. I think what you are really asking is two questions.    First, Gal 1:8 says nothing about adding to the Bible, that verse is in primarily from Rev. 22:18-19. Galatians

2011-01-08 about religion:

Thanks Sara.     Please keep asking the questions.     The only other thing I could suggest is that when you are seeking theological advice, be careful of whom you talk to. For me, there are two parts


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