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Any question dealing with general anesthesia issues. With particular emphasis on regional anesthesia.

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I am a board certified anesthesiologist, graduated from residency in 2004 from Johns Hopkins Hospital. I have since worked as an anesthesiologist first in the Air Force for three years and then most recently in Texas in Private Practice.


Texas Medical Association Texas society of Anesthesiologists American Society of Anesthesiologists


BS, BYU MD, U of Texas, Galveston Intern-St. Joe's Hospital, Phx, AZ Internal Medicine Residency-Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

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2016-09-15 Versed:

From time to time I have patients request not to have 'versed'.  I simply comply without argument.  As a patient is a reasonable to request not to have versed if you believe that it may have a negative

2016-09-05 sacrum:

This is really not mr area of expertise. A spine surgeon would be far more likely to be able to provide relevant and accurate information.  I would say in my. Non expert opinion this would be a highly

2016-08-25 Universal Blood donor and Universal blood acceptor:

I don't know if I completely understand your question.  However, the answer is no.    universal donor blood, is universal because it contains no 'antigens' and therefore will not cause a reaction if given

2016-05-04 DNA polymorphisms and waking up screaming after every surgery:

If you are a pain patient with morphine you have developed a tolerance to opioids and will require escalating dosages. Morphine is metabolized in the liver and therefore if your polymorphisms are the kind

2016-02-15 Spray:

If it is indeed caused by the benzocaine then it should recover. Nerves are slow to recover and it can take up to a year. There are a variety of factors that determine this including baseline nerve health


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