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2016-05-10 Cardiology:

Hi Craig,  Those palpitations can be hard to treat, and Beta blockers such as metopropol are usually used to reduce their frequency. The important fact is that all your heart tests came out negative. Whether

2016-04-19 fast heart rate for hours:

Hi Duha,  I cannot tell from here whether it is the panic attack causing your HR to accelerate or the other way around ( I think the first): you need to be examined by a doctor and get some testing done/

2016-04-06 hypertension control for elderly:

Hi Nancy,  At 82, your mom's BP is fine, unless there are urgent other reasons to get it down lower. I don't think her hemorrhagic stroke was a result of hypertension, unless it was much higher at the

2016-03-17 chest pain after car wreck:

Hi Cristina,  I cannot judge whether your evaluation was adequate, but a chest wall contusion can take a long time to heal. If still concerned you should ask your doctor for a CT scan of your chest: it

2016-03-13 PVCS vs AFIB:

Hi James,  AF and PVCs are very different and if your cardiologist told you don't have to worry, you shouldn't. Please read this:  http://www.cardiachealth


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