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Jerome M. True, DC, FIACN


General musculoskeletal pain mechanisms, Evidence-based neuromusculoskeletal therapies, General chiropractic treatment options.

Experience in the area

25 years of experience with back and neck disorders, Chiropractic neurologist, Success with non-surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, Neurology textbook author.


Florida Chiropractic Association, North American Association for Laser Therapy, American Association of Spine Physicians.


Myelopathy, Radiculopathy, and Peripheral Entrapment Syndromes, Journal of Athletic Training, Conservative Management of Sports Injuries,


Doctor of Chiropractic (Cleveland Chiropractic College), Diplomate of the American College of Chiropractic Neurology, Fellow International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology.

Past/Present Clients

Professional athletes, High net-worth patients, Physicians and Professionals.

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Recent Answers from Jerome M. True, DC, FIACN

2016-10-02 Hand tingling:

Neurological symptoms should be observed closely to make sure there is continued improvement. I'm concerned that it doesn't get worse. You may have a combined injury, that must be addressed for treatment

2015-10-24 cavitation:

Hi Nastasia,    There are many questions that I need answered. Is this painful? Is it cracking on the back side of your ribs or the front side? It may be a muscular imbalance between the muscles that elevate

2015-09-13 Spine pain:

Hi Rachel,    I am sorry you have pain. Chiropractic care offers the best option for relieving your discomfort. Class IV Laser Therapy is also extremely beneficial for pain relief. (I would try to find

2015-06-16 dolor:

Hi Anton, Using a cushioned mat is a first-line prevention. They are used in the USA all the time for cashiers. The cost of good mats may be high, but loss of sales and loss of productivity from a worker

2014-09-09 strange symptoms:

Hi, Thank you for asking my opinion on your problem. The headache you describe is a common complaint easy treated with chiropractic care. This may be the result of a slight misalignment of the upper cervical


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