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Can: Anything related to disorders of the nervous system or musculoskeletal system, the spine, neck pain, mid, upper, or lower back pain, joint pain, head aches, insomnia, trouble sleeping, tingling and/or numbness, coldness in joints or extremities, car accident or sports injuries, frequent urination, allergies, weakness in grip, dizziness, difficulty losing weight, low metabolism, pain in jaw/TMJ/clicking, heart palpitations, heart murmurs, shortness of breath, indigestion, acid reflux, nausea, ulcers, muscles cramps in legs and/or feet, constipation, diarrhea. Cannot: anything not listed above.

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5 years of private practice in Newport Beach, CA.


Women of Wellness UC Berkeley Alumni Association


OC Family OC Parenting Orange Coast Magazine Modern Mom


University of California, Berkeley- B.A. Molecular & Cellular Biology (emphasis: neurology) Life Chiropractic College, Doctorate of Chiropractic Chiropractic Biophysics, Certified Pediatric Chiropractic, Certified in Webster Technique

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Amy05/09/15101010Thank you! It was rib related!!! Turns .....
Pam01/22/1510I guess the question was is there .....

Recent Answers from Nona Djavid

2016-03-03 Sacralization of l5 and heavy loaded squats:

Najeeb,    You can have Sacralization without a disc herniation. They don't have to go hand in hand. A disc herniation usually happens either from a one time trauma (which all athletes endure at one time

2015-10-01 Numbness and Twitching:

Karen,    We have seen cases like your before and have been able to get phenomenal results however I am hesitant to say this is a chiropractic case (meaning the disc bulges are the cause of twitches and

2015-04-20 Pain:

Amy-    There could be so many different things going on to cause the pain in your left breast. One of the most common ones is an out of alignment rib which refers pain into the chest/breast area. The

2015-02-08 Popping/Clicking:

Taylor-    This is common and not a big worry as long as it doesn't cause any pain. Having said that, it could be a cause of misalignment or instability in those areas. Both of which don't cause any pain-

2015-01-24 Upper and lower back pain. Possible genetic disease.:

Hi Charles, Ankylosing Spondylitis does have a strong genetic factor involved. Having said that, what you experienced in terms of sudden back pain can happen with or without that condition. It is really


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