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Lawrence Spindel DDS,


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Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, General Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry, Comprehensive Dental Care

Experience in the area

Former Clinical Instructor of Comprehensive Dentistry, and Prosthodontic Department New York University School of Dentistry. Also former instructor of Preventive Dentistry Columbia University School of Dentistry.


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1980 DDS New York University College of Dentistry 1981 GPR Manhattan VA Hospital

Awards and Honors

OKU 1980 Honor Society 1980 Long Island Academy of Odontology award for highest combined Academic and Clinical Achievement.
In 1997 he was elected to Fellowship into the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics

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2015-11-16 Alternative to RCT:

Dear Kalyan,     Extraction and him wearing a space maintainer is an option for him butmost pediatric dentists can handle the pulpotomies that are performed on children and they are less scary than an

2015-09-24 Trauma to teeth:

Dear Holly, when teeth sustain a blow, even if there is no looseness afterwards it can cause the pulp inside to become non vital. Usually when a patient has a history such as yours, I take an x-ray to

2015-07-22 Teeth and Gums:

Dear Chris,     Without examining the patient it is hard to be certain on the answers to  all your questions, but it should be pointed out that many octegenarians can have a lapse in their oral hygiene

2015-07-01 preventing tartar:

when you do go for your cleaning ask the hygienist to show you how to angle your brush to more effectively clean. The tooth  brush has to be vertical and almost upright. Ask them to show you. If you'd

2015-06-17 Stannous Fluoride:

There is no harm in using this product. The tubules in your tooth are apparently very sensitive to brushing and the flouride is getting into the tubules. Eventually this sensitivity may go away if you


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