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All general dentistry questions, especially those related to fixed prosthetics. Endodontics, Periodontics, and implants, minor oral surgery I can't answer much about othodontics nor advanced treatment of carcinoma nor deep tissue surgery nor osseous surgery such as jaw reduction or advancement.

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DDS In general practice and consulting with having done some lecturing for local dental societies.


ADA and Florida Dental Association and Iowa Dental association


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2016-01-02 root canal:

Hello Jill,    I am happy to give you my opinion.  firstly I think that after this tooth settles down and is not painful you should still have the crown placed on the tooth to protect it.  The answer to

2015-11-08 Alternative to RCT:

Hello Kalyan    Root canal treatment is rare on primary teeth and much more common is a procedure called a pulpotomy which is very common and not anywhere nearly as involved as RCT.  These teeth then usually

2015-11-03 crown:

Thank you for allowing me to clarify this for you Jessica,  I suggest that you place a bridge attached to the tooth in question and the tooth in front of the space.  this will even your bite out and stabilize

2015-11-02 crown:

I am certain you are talking about teeth and not gums.  Jessica this is a good question.  The one thing that confuses me is you said there is no tooth next to it.  Do you mean in front of it or behind

2015-09-28 vinegar and gum erosion:

Rinsing with water is a great idea but I'd also suggest after the water a quick rinse with a fluoride rinse too.  Then leave it on the teeth and don't rinse after you've used it.  Be very careful if you


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