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Gary Backlund, DMD, MSD

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returns 03/28/2017

I am an Endodontist ( root canal specialist ) and can answer questions about root canals and their treatment. I cannot diagnose or treat online, but can answer general questions. I have been a specialist for 25 years and am Past President of the Washington State Association of Endodontists.

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25 years practicing as a specialist


American Association of Endodonists, Past President Washington State Association of Endodontists.

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Nilo03/01/17101010Thank you:-)
charlotte01/15/17101010i was very impressed by the quickness .....
kumar12/25/16101010Dear Dr.Gary Backlund, DMD,MSD, Thank .....

Recent Answers from Gary Backlund, DMD, MSD

2017-03-01 Saving a Tooth:

Hi James,    I'm sorry you're having this continue to be a problem. You are asking GREAT questions, but some are hard for me really help without being able to exam you and see your x-rays, but I'll give

2017-01-30 tooth extraction:

Hi Justin,    I'm sorry to hear all this has gone wonder you're a bit freaked out! Actually, it is pretty routine to extract infected teeth. It is actually the best way to rid your body of an infection

2017-01-15 bone infection over root canal:

Hi again Charlotte,    It is impossible to tell from an x-ray whether there is a cyst or a regular abscess....that can only be done by a biopsy, which might occur if you have the surgical procedure. Cysts

2017-01-15 bone infection over root canal:

Hi Charlotte,    I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with this tooth. It looks from the x-ray that in one of the roots, the filling was short of the end of the tooth and there may be an abscess formed

2016-12-24 root canal doubt:

Hi Kumar,    I'm sorry your mother is going through all this. In order to save that tooth a root canal would definitely be needed. The decay is very deep. Then it would require a very large filling or


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