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general dentistry questions with topics ranging from cosmetic dentistry to dentistry for children

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Fellowships in American College of Dentists, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the International College of Dentists.

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2016-10-22 Lip Lesion:

For some reason I did not get your picture. You could be getting a cold sore. They start out as bumps and then become cristy. I tell anyone to keep eye on these. They should fade away in7-10 days. If still

2016-09-26 Crown Moulding:

if i understand what you are asking, is it better to have a crown made before or after having braces. the answer is the degree of need of the crown. if it is necessary, then get it done now and then have

2016-09-22 Orthodontics:

It absolutely depends on the dentist as far as results from orthodontics go. you can go to different orthodontists and get totally different ways to move your teeth around. the duration of treatment can

2016-09-19 Gap, Cavity, ... and Deep Cleaning?:

you could have two separate issues here...a small cavity and some bone loss. both might need treatment. they are independent of each other. you can do the root planing first(to clear up the gum issue)

2016-09-14 multiple fillings and extractions for 3 yrl old:

whenever a patient gets an extensive treatment plan like this, i always recommend a second opinion. what you have listed here are extractions, nerve treatments, and fillings. since he is so young, i would


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