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I AM NOT A DENTIST!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD BE ANSWERED BY A DENTAL PROFESSIONAL..but I have had TMJ so I can answer questions on how I finally got my TMJ under control. I have several things I have done to treat myself, plus suggestions on what professionals to seek out, exercises, the best nightguard devices, etc..

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I've had TMJ for over six years.


College degree.

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debbie04/20/13101010thanks for the opinion. theres so much .....
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Doreen07/06/111010Susan Tannenbam was very helpful and it .....
Gertie03/06/11Thank you!

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2016-09-23 soft/hard nightguard:

With the hard guard the pressure is distributed evenly all around so you don't overly work any one muscle area, thereby helping  to alleviate pain.  It also protect s the teeth.  A soft night guard is

2015-04-04 root canal and tmj:

Christine,  I am not a dentist but I do have TMJ so I try to help people with that.  I'm sorry to hear you can't afford to have your guard adjusted but I don't see what else you can do. Maybe you can go

2013-04-20 tmj:

I have TMJ but am not a dentist so I cannot diagnose you if u live in the ny area I can recommend Dr Barry Rozenberg of. Wood mere and Manhattan. He has a lot of experience with TMJ. I suggest you get

2012-09-01 Dental Needs:

Timothy, As stated on this site i am not a dentist, but I have had a dental condition called TMJ so I relate to others with this problem what I did to treat it.  I'm so sorry to hear you are so upset.

2012-08-28 clicking tmj when chewing on food:

Arnold,  As it says on this site, I am not a dentist but I have had TMJ pain, so I can relate what I did about it in the hope it will help others.  But I never had  clicking in the jaw, just pain so I'm


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