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Their is a specific cause to most headaches. A thorough lifestyle survey and exam is needed along with a thorough medical history is essential to helping find the cause of this problem that effects millions.

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For two years, I have been caring for people who have had irregular spontaneous headaches to people with severe regular migraines that put them out of work for days.


Alumni of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport IA Prestigious TIC Institute International Chiropractic Association Delta Sigma Chi International Chiropractic Fraternity


Doctorate of Chiropractic Bachelor of Arts Certified Personal Trainer

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For example, a patient came in two weeks ago with chronic headaches and neck pain that has persisted for years. After one week of care, she has had no headaches with complete relief of neck pain. A thorough exam and survey was used along with their medical history. Another patient came in 4-1-09. 30 year old female with chronic migraines for 15 years. She took Excedrin and Imitrex almost everyday. We took care of her for two weeks and her symptoms completely resolved. No medication-no surgery-no pills-no lotions.

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Their is a common cause. You MUST address the cause, not its effects.

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Medication does not help.

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2017-02-13 hit my head:

Carolyn,    Hitting your head two weeks should not still be causing these issues unless their is something else going on.     Usually from these types of injuries it will effect the spine, which will in

2016-07-26 Strange tooth/head issue for a month.:

Matthew,    This type of issue "usually" is associated with either the 5th or 7th cranial nerve. Since they have ruled our the 5th, you may want to take a look at the 7th. Both have sensory and motor nerve

2015-01-12 Migraine/epilepsy:

Chris,    Kepra is not not a pleasant drug and I would take a look at its side effects.    Please provide me with a history of her health leading up to her sickness. Has she had trauma, been in car accident

2015-01-07 10 yr old daily headaches:

David,    Those traumas are all reasons why she is having the problems TODAY. Even the car accident in 2009 is a factor.     Often when kids / adults suffer from an incident like the ones mentioned, it

2015-01-07 10 yr old daily headaches:

David,    Great questions.     We often see parents with kids that have explored everything they know possible to no avail.    Has she had any trauma, falls, falls in sports? Any issues with her birth


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