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Dr. Sultan Mahmud


I can answer treatment related questions, and can suggest proper homoeopathic treatment. I don't like to answer pathological explanations of diseases.

Experience in the area

I have treated a lot of patients having different types of pains, e.g., migraine, backache, arthritis, kidney pain, bellyache, menstrual cramps, earache etc. I treat with homoeopathic remedies.


Government recognized Diploma in homoeopathy, D.H.M.S. and I am a registered homoeopathic practitioner.

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Lina01/22/17101010Thank you, yes he is better now .....
Cameron05/16/16101010I thank you any way
Cameron05/08/16101010I appreciate you answering this question for .....

Recent Answers from Dr. Sultan Mahmud

2016-05-06 IM IN PAIN:

Dear Cameron, you are welcome    You said, ď some peopleĒ get headache from somme wines. The question is why? I donít know the real data or the ingredients of these wines but let me try to explain it as

2016-02-23 Tingling feeling on skull:

Dear Sudha you are welcome    Wish you have no serious problem. You can consult some neuro-physician or neuro-surgeon.  If it is not possible, then you can consult some general physician. It is better

2015-12-03 Headaches:

Dear Hooria, you are welcome    Hereís the answer.    1. I cannot say whether the pain is due to cancer or tumor. For this you have to undergo proper investigation process. However, I donít think the pain

2015-11-30 sinus headaches without congestion?:

Dear Julia, you are welcome    In most cases, no one knows the actual cause of headache. However, if you want to know the cause of your headache, then you have to undergo the investigation process. Regardless

2015-11-19 headache nd stress:

Dear Mahreen, you are welcome    The best way is to change your attitude towards life and try to learn how to control your emotions and remain calm and relaxed. This means you will not have headache anymore


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