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I can answer questions related to kidney diseases, Kidney Transplant and hypertension. I am Board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. I also serve as assistant professor at major Medical Universities.

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Practicing Nephrologist in Las Vegas, Nevada





MD Internal Medicine board certified Nephrology and Hypertension Board certified

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E.K.G Excellence Award, University of Nevada school of Medicine Thumbs Up Award, university of Nevada School of Medicine Best Pharmacology Student, VMKV Medical School EKG Excellence Award Thumbs Up Award Las Vegas Life Top Docs 2013 Health Tap Founding Medical Expert Health Tap Winter 2013 Competition Top Doctor Health Tap Summer 2013 Competition Top Doctor

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Recent Answers from RAJ P. SINGH M.D.

2015-05-04 Dialysis Pneumonia:

It appears that your brother is not getting enough fluid removed during dialysis which is causing wetness in lungs which tends to predispose to Pneumonia. I think gaining less fluid in between dialysis

2014-03-23 laxative:

Your doctor is correct and you have age related decline in kidney function which is common and not concerning.  Miralax primarily works in the intestine and has very minimal absorption into the blood.

2014-03-18 blood clot in urine:

High doses of vitamin C increase risk of kidney stones and all her symptoms seem to be consistent with calcium oxalate stones. These oxalate crystals are sharp and cause intermittent bleeding. Sometimes

2014-02-21 Slight elevation of Creatinine:

Hi Richard,    Creatinine is produced by muscles and the levels are affected by several factors. Creatinine level is higher in someone with high muscle mass, creatine supplements, after heavy exercise

2013-12-10 kidney disease:

Body loses water in form of urine,sweat, stool, from breathing etc. Urine output is primarily dependent upon the fluid intake if the kidneys are healthy.     If the kidneys are diseased and not able to


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