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Newell R. Falkinburg, M.D., FACP

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I am a board certified nephrologist and emeritus professor of medicine at a major medical school and past Director of Nephrology & Hypertension at a university affiliated hospital. I have expertise in all areas of clinical nephrology, dialysis, transplantation and plasmapheresis.

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Recent Answers from Newell R. Falkinburg, M.D., FACP

2013-09-30 A bit High Serum Creatinine level:

Good evening, Kalyan,    Your creatinine is, in fact, abnormal.  However, it needs to be further defined by the performance of a 24 hour urine collection for creatinine clearance, which gives an estimation

2013-09-02 kidney stones:

Good evening, Celso,    First, I know of no evidence that iron levels are SIGNIFICANTLY effected by the ingestion of citric acid, which is the principle ingredient of lime juice that may POSSIBLY reduce

2013-08-19 Uric Acid Stone:

Hello, Eric.  Good to hear from you.    Uric acid kidney stones are not Uncommon.  They constitute approximate 10% of all kidney stones formed.    In general, stones that are LESS THAN 5mm in diameter

2013-07-29 CDK:

Good morning, Rose,    First, please let me apologize to you for the delay in my response.  Somehow, I managed to delete your original question and the copy on the "all experts" site did not extend to

2013-07-08 remeron:

Good evening, Mickey,    Your kidney function of 49 cc/min should not effect the dosing of remeron. That GFR should be more than adequate to excrete the drug.    However, remeron is an antidepressant and


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