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I can answer questions about the correct guideline for treatment of cancers to achieve best results. I can analyze signs and symptoms to identify cancer. I can tell about many good treatment methods recognized by American Cancer Society and NIH which have been developed recently through credible cancer research.

Experience in the area

I have been working as a Immuno Oncologist since the last five years. I have experience of treating cancer patients through a variety of methods. My patients have been treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. I am also trained in Antiangiogenic therapy, Immunomodulator therapy and Immunotherapy of cancer which is a FDA recognized treatment method and also a known effective modern therapy as per the guidelines of the American Cancer Society (ww.cancer.org). Immunotherapy works by enhancing the body's own defence mechanism hundreds of times. It is used to treat Hepattis and AIDS too.


2. Consultant Immuno Oncologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Hyderabad, India. An associate of Harvard medical international. 3. Ex Care management consultant, Royal Hobart Hospital, Australia. 4. Ex Care management consultant, KGH, Canada. 5. Associate, IAMMS, Aligarh, India (A UNESCO listed organisation).


Medical Doctor with MBBS and Fellowship in Immuno oncology. 2. Fellowship in Dendritic cell therapy from ICT, Noida, New Delhi NCR 3. Member of American Geriatrics Society 4. Having specialised Training in a. Dendritic cell therapy and Chemotherapy b. Hematology c. AIDS prevention d. Geriatric medicine

What do you like about this subject?

Cancer can be defeated. Dont give up !!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Advanced research in new cancer therapies.

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Immunotherapy and Antiangiogesis therapy: There are FDA recognized and also known effective modern therapies as per the guidelines of the American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org). Immunotherapy works by enhancing the body's defence mechanism hundreds of times. It is used to treat Hepattis and AIDS too. Antiangiogeneis therapy works by blocking the development of blood vessels in the tumour.

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Cancer is the second larget killer in the developed world. Treatment methods are not being updated in most cancer centres. The new therapies are not given all cancer centres in the world. Chemotherapy should be the last option in cancer therapy not the first. Medical centres should train doctors in the new cancer treatment methods.

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Recent Answers from Dr M Khalid Munir

2017-02-22 Luekemia:

Hi. Sorry for late response. Usually I respond in 24 hours but I forgot to respond to the earlier mail. Please send me the latest CT scan(plain or contrast. Preferably contrast CT) report on my mail medlifeasia@gmail

2016-03-30 surgery for teratoma in liver, abdomen, and pelvis:

Hi,  Any type of surgery should be done only if some benefit is expected. So I recommend you take opinion of three oncologists to decide if surgery is needed. I can get this analysis done for you in India

2016-02-14 Ovarian cyst:

No need to worry. There is always some meager chance of cancer for everybody. I dont think that should be a cause of much concern. since your mother suffered from breast cancer, it will be good for you

2015-12-05 Pleomorphic Sarcoma Cancer:

Hi,  There are good chances that he will get cured. Dont lose hope or faith. I also recommend you start antiangiogenic and immunomodulator medicince for him.    Read these:  http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/types/immunotherapy/angiogenesis-in

2015-10-20 gastro oesophagus cancer:

Hi,  In your father's case, anti-angiogenesis therapy can be given as it has almost no side effects. It is safe for heart patients like your father.    You should understand how this treatment works.


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