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I know a great deal about all aspect of testicular cancer. I am a testicular cancer survivor, and have run a testicular cancer website since 1996. If I do not know the answer to a question, I have access to a number of my own world-class experts to get the correct answer. Please note that I am not an expert when it comes to other cancers. If your question involves something other than testicular cancer or a cancer of that general region, please ask another expert.

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I am a survivor of Stage I nonseminoma, diagnosed in 1992. I have been helping testicular cancer patients online ever since. I also run the non-profit Testicular Cancer Resource Center


BS from MIT, MBA from Northwestern

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2016-05-31 Lymphoma testicular cancer:

I am afraid that I really dont know much about testicular lymphoma. I can infor, however, that based on your comment "this has screwed up my sec DRIVE", that the problem is with the will, not the way.

2015-10-22 Red mole(s)?:

Trent,    I am not a doctor and this is outside my area of expertise, HOWEVER, since I've got plenty of these, I know what they are and you really dont have anything to worry about. They are called cherry

2014-09-04 Euphorbia-Cancer:

I am going to try to answer this question, but I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I only know what I found on the internet myself.    There are 2100 different species of euphorbia. I have no idea what is growing in your

2013-12-03 Links between 3rd nipples and TC:

Jesse,    I have never heard anything like this before, so you actually know more than me. I won't say that it is meaningless or nonsense because the links do imply some sort of association between the

2013-08-22 Question on TC:

For what it is worth, if you are asking questions about the TCRC, and especially if you are going through testicular cancer, I would prefer to communicate directly via email. This site is great for answering


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