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I'm happy to answer questions about eye exam findings and procedures, glasses and contact lens types/prescriptions/problems. I can also answer questions about general eye conditions/diseases. I do not answer questions concerning surgical techniques/procedures. Please state your age or within a small range when asking questions, as it is often important.

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Optometrist 19 yrs.


Doctor of Optometry, cum laude; Residency in Ocular Disease

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2016-09-27 eyes pain:

Hi Manish,  it sounds like your eyes are simply dry, so stay hydrated and use lubricating eye drops. adequate sleep and minimizing caffeine, tea etc can help. the drops are sold in the US over the counter

2016-08-12 Astigmatism:

of course you could eliminate the cylinder for astigmatism, and it would just not be as clear.  this is how it is for you usually without glasses and you are used to it. the problem is the axis of your

2016-07-27 Distilled water in my eyes. Is it bad?:

Hi Daniel,  No worries, it should be fine. You can buy a bottle of 'eye lubricating drops' at a store which has soothing and lubricating components to help the eye feel better. Probably distilled is better

2016-07-16 New Glasses:

Hi Andy,   the distortion of space and shape is due to the astigmatism and power of the lenses and the position (tilt and distance)of them before the eyes. make sure the lenses are as close to the eyes

2016-07-12 Eye Exam:

it depends on risk factors for eye disease. generally more often as getting older, annually if current disease is being monitored or suspected of changing. Of course if you describe symptoms of trouble


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