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Joe A Shaw PA-C

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Most general questions that have to do with orthopedic and /or occupational medicine or ergonomics. With a focus on upper extremity disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome. After many years of treating and diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome I have developed a detailed website about carpal tunnel syndrome at

Experience in the area

I have been a board certified Physician Assistant for 17 years, in the fields of occupational and orthopedic medicine.


American Academy of Physician Assistants, State Academy of Physician Assistants.


Physician Assistant degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine PA program. Bachelor of Health and Science degree. Board Certified Physician Assistant, Ergonomic certification, University of Michigan ergonomics certification. Associate Science degree in Emergency Medical Technology. Former Paramedic, EMT and Firefighter.

Awards and Honors

Current certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life support, and Basic life support, and CPR certification. University of Michigan Ergonomic training and certification.

What do you like about this subject?

It effects people all over the world. I have inquiries about CTS from people in Japan, Europe, Singapore, Russia and of course the U.S.A (just to name a few). They all want reliable information about CTS. So I developed

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I have developed an informative and user friendly website concerning carpal tunnel syndrome at

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Carpal tunnel syndrome is rarely caused by computer or mouse use.

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2016-12-25 Numb Hand while reading:

You most likely have ulnar neuritis.. it usually is made worse with bending elbows and bending wrist or holding your arms in the position you described and it usually resolves if you straighten out your

2016-03-31 Hand Vibration Syndrome:

Jim I would not be overly concerned about this. Typically occurs with repetitive use in occupations that you have to use these day after day. It should resolve. You may want to soak it in some warm water

2015-08-04 Knuckle puncture:

Sorry this question just came through on my email. You should definitely get this looked at if you haven't already. This should be covered under workers comp and you would not be out any money. These minor

2015-07-20 Bruised ankle:

You need to have several things checked out starting with circulation, diabetes, and get some lab work to check your complete blood count and white count.If all this is normal then you can look at direct

2014-10-02 shoulder/bicep pain:

Victoria, It would be very unusual if you were actually given morphine which is a narcotic, especially for something like this. Usually a person will get cortisone and lidocaine injection in the shoulder


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